Compare and calculate the building loan and choose the cheapest.

Compare a building loan and realize your dream of owning a home: only with the right building loan offer can you buy a house. Important when comparing building loans:

  • How much is the loan?
  • What is the monthly rate to the bank?
  • How much is the repayment?

The construction loan amount and the repayment determine the monthly installments that have to be paid back to the bank. In order to get the desired construction loan amount, a construction loan comparison with a suitable offer can be quickly calculated here.

Building loan: The money from the bank for your own home

Building loan: The money from the bank for your own home

Get a quick overview of current building loan interest with the building loan comparison: In case of doubt, the interest rate development of the banks can mean a difference of several thousand euros in the repayment and thus the monthly installment. Push the monthly rate for the building loan down as far as possible with a building loan calculator that looks for the cheapest offer from the various building loan providers for you.

Current interest rate development for the building loan

Current interest rate development for the building loan

The mortgage rates of the banks and building societies are based on the current yield on mortgage Pfandbriefe based on remaining terms. The current building loan rates are published daily by the Cream Bank (5). We offer you the latest building loan interest in our interest window, directly under the building loan calculator.

A building loan is a construction loan for buying or building a house. This is granted to the borrower by a bank, building society or insurance company. The peculiarity of this type of loan is that the loan is earmarked like a home loan.

It can therefore only be used for the following projects:

  • Construction of a property
  • Buying a property
  • modification
  • modernization
  • Renovation
  • A building loan is repaid by the borrower in the form of monthly installments. Since most construction loans are annuity loans, the interest on the construction loan always remains the same during the agreed borrowing period.

The rent only plays a role in the construction loan calculation as long as it is to be borne as a double charge.

  • monthly income – monthly expenses = free budget

When calculating the building loan, please note that your budget is based on real values ​​and that there are enough financial reserves. In addition to the daily expenses to be calculated, it should also be taken into account that regular repairs and renovations are required for a house. A house also needs to be maintained and minor repairs should be possible without a new building loan.

Calculate the house purchase additional costs for the building loan

Calculate the house purchase additional costs for the building loan

A building loan is intended for the construction of a property. Loan amount as well as repayment and monthly installments are precisely coordinated with the bank. The borrower must clarify with the lending bank whether the construction loan may also be used for modernization or renovation work. You can agree to these uses. The second step is to determine how high the building loan must be. In addition to the pure purchase price of the property, the house purchase ancillary costs play an important role in the calculation of the construction loan.

Examples of purchase or ancillary costs:

Incidental purchase costs Ancillary construction costs
Real estate transfer tax (1) architect
Land register entry (2) renovation
Notary fees (3) Energetic renovation
Brokerage brokerage Assessment
  • Construction loan amount = purchase price (construction price) plus the house purchase costs (house construction costs) minus equity and own contribution
  • The incidental purchase costs can amount to approx. 15% of the purchase price. For a quick calculation, multiply the chewing rice by 1.15. Or please use our online calculator.

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