Wed, 29 Apr 2020 10:29:33 +0000 en-US hourly 1 How consumers avoid the debt trap Wed, 29 Apr 2020 10:29:33 +0000 Taking out a loan today is cheaper than ever before. Interest rates are at a record low. This not only pleases borrowers but also creates worry lines among savers. Various banks are now thinking out loud about possible negative interest on larger savings. That would be a fee for having the money parked in the bank. For this reason, people spend significantly more money now than they used to.

That is precisely the goal of the European Central Bank’s monetary policy. Extremely low-interest rates are intended to encourage people to consume more. As much money as possible should be put into circulation, which in turn boosts the economy. Quite a few economic experts from abroad complain that the Germans are still under-indebted. If we bought more on credit, the bottom line would be that borrowers would also spend more.

But every loan always comes with a repayment obligation. So if you take out a lot of consumer loans, you will soon have to put a whole lot of money into current liabilities every month. It is therefore important to keep a good sense of proportion and protect yourself from the debt trap.

What exactly is “the debt trap”?

What exactly is "the debt trap"?

A debt trap is the danger of over-indebting yourself through too many loans or too high a loan. You are over-indebted if you do not have enough income to service the monthly liabilities.

The iff Debt Report 2019 has summarized the biggest risks of overindebtedness. These look like this:

  • Unemployment is the cause of overindebtedness in 23.1% of all cases
  • Separation and divorce are the cause of over-indebtedness in 10.7% of all cases
  • a serious illness is the main culprit in 10.0% of all cases
  • in 9.7% of all cases, it is the consumption behavior of the over-indebted that is the reason

This puts the topic of consumption in fourth place. The question remains, what to look for in times of 0% financing if you want to avoid the debt trap. One option for loans is the so-called residual debt insurance.

Five tips on how to prevent the debt trap

Five tips on how to prevent the debt trap

Saving is out today. What for, because bringing money to the bank no longer delivers income. Many people are of the opinion that money could simply be spent directly. In addition, consumers no longer have to make huge savings today. With 0% financing, you could buy the things you want. Later, you save the purchase price with your monthly loan installment.

In many cases, this can be a really good thing. For example, anyone who is in an emergency can react quickly in the event of a defective washing machine. But ultimately there is always the risk of buying things that you do not need or cannot afford. Getting a loan has never been so easy. We have summarized five tips here about how you as a consumer can avoid the debt trap.

  1. Make sure that you really need the property you are buying.
  2. Can you actually afford the loan?
  3. Are costs and benefits in a reasonable relationship to each other?
  4. Be honest with the credit check.
  5. Check regularly whether debt restructuring could make sense.

Make sure you really need the property you want to buy


Would you like to buy a new cell phone or a new computer? You have not yet saved the money required for this. The electronics provider beckons with an ideal offer. The device is reduced in price and 0% financing is possible.

If you take out a loan to buy a luxury item, you should carefully consider whether you really need it. Alternatively, isn’t there an option to do without the article first? Then the money could be saved over time. A loan with 0% financing is a kind of savings, but only in part.

For example, suppose you take out a loan of $ 1,000 when you buy in installments. The term is 24 months. You have to pay an average of $ 41.67 to the lender each month. However, this only assumes that there are no interest or other fees.

If you save the same amount for two years, your balance at the bank increases and after 24 months stands at 1,000 dollars. The difference is that in the event of a financial bottleneck, you can pause the savings for two or three months. This only shifts the time at which the full 1,000 dollars are available to you.

There is also the possibility of still freely disposing of the money. In the unlikely event of an exceptional situation, the money is at your disposal. Anyone who becomes unemployed or seriously ill would find a luxury item to be of secondary importance anyway.

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Banks do not lend to individuals with bad credit history Mon, 27 Apr 2020 10:15:35 +0000

A good personal credit history informs the bank and other financial services providers about a prospective client’s ability to manage money and their financial literacy. All overdue payments are on the person’s history for ten years, and unintentional negligence costs a lot – banks and other institutions offer much more expensive loans or do not offer them at all.

Every time a client wants to take out a loan for a business, individual business or starting a business, the financial services provider evaluates his or her personal credit history. Our company, Good Finance LOANS provides loans for business with a bad credit history. This is one of the key points where we stand out from the banks.

A person’s credit history begins to enter when a person reaches the age of majority. It is for everyone in the country, whether we like it or not. This credit history includes information such as financial obligations, loans received, loans repaid, miscellaneous payments, overdue payments, and other information. Interestingly, a person’s credit history accumulates both bad facts and good ones.

The bank often refuses to lend

The bank often refuses to lend

A client with a good credit history can expect better terms and lower interest when looking for a loan. However, banks often do not rely solely on credit history and ask for real estate collateral that should be pledged in their favor. In such a case, a resident wants to borrow from other credit institutions in order to avoid unnecessary waste of time, paperwork, going to a notary and all related costs.

The Bank has repeatedly stated that it values ​​its customers very strictly and pays close attention to debtors. Those who are late, but are likely to be late in paying their premiums, immediately close their doors. Banks are predicting whether the customer will be able to make payments and thereby increase their profits, and in the event of a delay, immediately sell the mortgaged property. Banks also do not assess each customer individually whether one or the other person would qualify for a loan. They usually do not even talk if the person does not have proper security.

Higher interest rates for individuals with bad credit history

Higher interest rates for individuals with bad credit history

Banks stress that they are cautious about the timeliness and repayment of fast credits. Using instant credit alone increases interest and worsens loan terms. They believe that if a person takes advantage of instant credit, he or she may not pay the agreed interest. Good Finance LOANS also do not encourage you to use instant credit but rather look for other alternatives or just contact us.

People are not interested in their personal credit history

People are not interested in their personal credit history

According to public data, only about 4 percent of the population in Lithuania is interested in their personal credit history. Meanwhile, in the United States – as much as about 45 percent. We encourage you to take a look at your credit history at least once a year and see what data is collected about you. Not only loans, but also possible misunderstandings in the future, need to look into these details. Because sometimes we pay too much or a few cents too much for our services and goods. Your credit history could see such charges and correct them, if they are still in effect.

Do not bother applying to banks

If you apply for a bank loan at least once and do not get a positive answer, do not bother and do not contact them again as the answer is likely to be the same. We invite you to fill out an application with us, where you can save not only a lot of time but also money.

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Loan for debt without pledge, where to get money to pay debts Tue, 21 Apr 2020 10:35:34 +0000 None of us wants to be indebted, but the reality is that more and more citizens end up in a debt trap. Today we will tell you how to stop this “carousel” of problems as quickly and effectively as possible and prevent execution or even insolvency. Is there any debt loan that will help? An editorial over at

Fast loan on debt without pledge immediately

Fast loan on debt without pledge immediately

Getting into financial distress is very easy, although initially it seems that a small loan cannot hurt the opposite is true. Of course, it depends on how we approach these problems. For some clients, exemption from all loans is almost impossible because they ignored all repayments and sanctions.

If you are in a situation where you are in danger of distraint, it can be averted, for example, by consolidating all loans, which means that you consolidate all liabilities into one loan. You save not only time but also a lot of money. Another “ordinary” loan for debt at 90% does not solve anything, but deepens the debt trap.

I want to pay off my debts – how to do it

I want to pay off my debts - how to do it

Looking for a new loan to pay the previous ones? If so, you are already in a debt trap from which the road leads, but it is very long and difficult. Take advantage of the already mentioned consolidation, which will surely relieve you of the financial burden. Another option is to obtain an excerpt from the debtors register to find out where you have cut some debts and then start ironing everything. You will be required to call all providers and try to arrange a repayment schedule with them.

Find a second job or at least a part-time job. Clench your teeth and you can handle it. The last option is to declare personal bankruptcy, which is also not easy, because this process takes five years, when you will be forced to live from the subsistence minimum, but then you will be free.

Will additional loans pay off to pay off debts?

Will additional loans pay off to pay off debts?

In heavy debt, it is very difficult to find a solid provider or private investor to lend you money, which is why this is a very risky solution and we definitely do not recommend it.

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Credits for everyone – is that the case? Sat, 18 Apr 2020 10:23:41 +0000 Today everyone wants to borrow. And to borrow anyway, but to borrow cheaply. Everyone is looking for credit wherever they can be given without any reservations.

But not everyone can do it – credits for the unemployed are very difficult to access today. The law stipulates that the borrower must have an adequate amount of stable income when borrowing fast credits. And since the unemployed do not meet this condition, borrowing becomes difficult.

Borrowing is difficult and extremely difficult for debtors or bailiffs

Borrowing is difficult and extremely difficult for debtors or bailiffs

High-debt loans are also not easy to provide. It all depends on how many of those obligations a person has. If they are not too large, then refinancing – a special loan for indebted people – can be provided without any major problems.

After all, this is the kind of people this service is for! However, if there is too much debt, the situation becomes complicated. This naturally begs the question – is it possible to find the credit that is available to everyone, regardless of their financial situation?

The answer is simple enough: there is no official body where loans can be given to everyone without any questions. At the very least, you must meet two criteria. That is, you must have a sufficiently high and stable income and not be over-indebted. The latter, of course, is not a problem in themselves. But with bigger problems, the situation gets a little more complicated.

What if fast credits aren’t all that easy, at least on informal channels?

What if fast credits aren

In such cases, it is advisable to look for someone to lend you privately. Such people tend to give loans regardless of a person’s particular financial situation. That’s what they live for! No one would borrow privately if all the loans could come from official lenders and private loans would be just as strict.

Therefore, when deciding to try your luck in borrowing privately, it is advisable to look for such individuals online. Such people advertise on various ad portals where they make it very clear what they are offering. Phrases like I lend money to anyone or give you a loan should tell you very clearly what their intent is. But don’t be fooled – sometimes these people are scammers who will just try to get you money. For example, asking them to pay the registration fee will take away your transfer and simply disappear with that money.

Therefore, while credit can certainly be given to everyone in the private sector, things are far from being as easy as they may seem at first glance. Borrowing from private individuals carries far more risks. However, finding a credible lender can help you resolve a large part of your financial problems. Therefore, everything depends on your prudence.

Credits for everyone in the long run – possible?

Credits for everyone in the long run - possible?

When it comes to credits that would be given to anyone without reservation, it is always about online loans. Of course, there is nothing surprising about it. However, instant loans have always been and are the easiest to issue. Therefore, they are also accessible to people who cannot borrow elsewhere. Consumer loans or loans from people usually have such stringent requirements that it is virtually impossible to access them without all the conditions. That is why glimpses always turn to such quick loans.

But have you ever wondered if long-term loans are available to everyone, too, when this is also a loan that could be given to everyone? Such a question may seem too naive: long-term loans are the “most serious” type of loan. While fast loans can meet a variety of everyday needs, long-term loans are for a much more serious ambition.

But the reality is that everyone can borrow for the long term and there are fewer exceptions here than in a simple quick loan situation. Why is that? Because long-term borrowing is hedged by accepting collateral from the client. Therefore, even when a person has no income, no job, or is otherwise “compromised” against creditors, it may still be possible to borrow for a longer period, even when ordinary lenders refuse to grant a hundred euros credit.

Therefore, if you are already looking for the most versatile loan, you should probably choose such loans. They are the best reflection of how credit can actually be granted to everyone, at least taking into account unnecessary criteria. It may not be good for those who are looking for a loan here and now (unless such a person can leave a deposit with the bank), but if they want to borrow more and longer.

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About Credit History for Greens Thu, 16 Apr 2020 10:45:28 +0000

Financial institutions do not lend to all but good customers. The definition of a good customer at financial institutions may vary slightly, but one thing is common to all – applying for a credit history, which is like a financial discipline.

This luggage content forms the overall picture of the customer – you will be a good, average or poor customer. The main things that financial institutions pay attention to are income and credit history. This guide is for greens about little-known credit history.

What does credit history consist of?

What does credit history consist of?

It is a mirror of financial opportunity. It displays two-part information. The first part is the financial commitments. These include various types of credit in banks, consumer credit companies, mutual lending platforms, leasing and more.

This information helps the lender evaluate the flexibility of the client’s budget, ie what percentage of the proceeds is spent on existing loan installments. The second part of your credit history is your payment history. It tells the lender whether the credit payments and other bills (telephone, internet, cable TV, etc.) are due.

Do I have a credit history? Credit history is information. She’s more eloquent than it may seem at first glance. If you have never had a credit, leasing, or credit card, and have never been billed to service providers, you may get the impression that your credit history report is blank. Make no mistake.

This is also information for the lender. On the one hand, for a financial institution, this may be an indication that you did not need to borrow or buy by installment. On the other hand, do you have the most trust: a proven customer who has had a car lease, borrowed a home renovation and paid all their installments on time, or a newcomer who has never had a financial obligation? A bank survey conducted by My Simon Wheeler showed that banks consider clients with a financial obligation to be more predictable.

Good and bad credit history

Good and bad credit history

Financial institutions tend to be more trustworthy with clients with a good credit history and therefore generally offer more favorable financing terms (lower margins, lower collateral, etc.).

According to the Swedbank Institute of Finance, good credit history can save you interest in the tens of thousands of euros by borrowing a home. Borrowing a car worth $ 5,000 can save up to $ 500 and buying a car worth $ 10,000 can save up to $ 1,700.

How do I fix my bad credit history?


This can be due to a number of reasons, including excessively high levels of financial commitment, excessive borrowing, unpaid borrowing, and late payments. If the financial discipline CV is not good, beware that it will not be “cosmetically” corrected or deleted. Will have to go swimming. If your CV is poor due to the high level of your financial liabilities, it’s time to reduce it, limiting your credit appetite without spending a while. If your CV is poor due to late payments, it is advisable to pay them faster and avoid late payments.

How long does it take to improve? Financial institutions typically assess the customer’s credit history over the past two to three years, so the influence of past “spots” is gradually diminishing. Therefore, if you have a poor credit history and decide to look at liabilities differently from today, you may still have questions about your financial behavior in the past in financial institutions over the next couple of years.

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5 Million Fast Borrowing Money Unsecured Mon, 13 Apr 2020 10:27:37 +0000

Looking for a $ 5 million loan right away because you’re in a desperate situation? Fortunately, there are a number of places that can provide you a loan. Check out the options below!

Anyone must have encountered an unexpected emergency. For example, if you or your family are sick to be hospitalized while there is no health insurance that can cover hospital expenses, or when you have to compensate for an accident that results in the loss of someone’s vehicle, and so on. Such unexpected situations can happen and cause your economic hardship. What can you do when you’re like this?

The first thing to do is to check your savings account balance

The first thing to do is to check your savings account balance

How much of a savings fund can be used for that purpose? But what about the amount of money in the savings amount? One of the steps is to apply for a loan. If the nominal funds you need are around $ 5 million, there are several lenders you can choose from:

Lend 5 million dollars quickly you can get to the office where you work in cash. This is the safest and fastest way to do it right away because you have enough money to apply for a loan. In the future, a 5 million cash advance can be deducted directly from your monthly paycheck during the agreed installment period. The advantage of a quick 5 million dollar loan at the office is the lack of interest. But unfortunately, in order to apply for office space, there is usually a requirement that you must meet a minimum of 1 year in the office.


If your work does not meet the requirements you are still a newcomer to the office where you are currently working, there is another place you can go, a lending cooperative. In order for a cooperative to apply for a 5 million fast loan through a cooperative, you will need to provide a Resident Identity Card, National Identity Card (National Tax Number), Family Card (KK), proof of income letter, and proof of electricity account. Unlike a quick 5 million dollar loan at the office, the cooperative gives interest to the borrower, but the interest charged is not high.

If there is no cooperative in your area or you are not a member of the cooperative, then you can apply for 5 million loans quickly through online cooperatives.

Withdraw Credit Card Cash

Withdraw Credit Card Cash

If you have a credit card, then you can use the credit card cashback service feature to get 5 million fast loans. This method is not recommended since the interest rate will be much higher. But if you’re in a very desperate situation, you can do a credit card withdrawal.

To minimize the impact of these high-interest rates, you must not take minimum installment payments. When the minimum installment payment is taken, then the tenor period you pick up will also be longer and will have an impact on the interest payable for those months. It’s best to take the maximum payment so that interest rates are low and debt can be repaid quickly.

Credit without collateral

Credit without collateral

You can also get a quick 5 million loan with a mortgage loan. Unsecured credit is a type of fast loan that does not require collateral or collateral as one of the terms of the loan application making the process easier. Credit uninsured credit providers are provided by banks, both private and state banks. The amount of online loans provided is at least $ 5 million to hundreds of millions of dollars. Although the process is simple, the requirements are quite extensive, ranging from ID, NPWP, payslip, newspaper accounts, and active credit card ownership to a minimum of 1 year of use.

The last 5 million fast money lenders are online loans. Online lending is popular and widely used by the Indonesian community because it can be done anywhere and anytime, the process is simple, and the terms and conditions provided are not exhaustive. One of the online lenders you can count on is Good Finance who can offer loans ranging from $ 1 million to $ 20 million with a 10-day loan duration of up to 120 days.

Things to Keep in mind When Applying for 5 Million Loans

Things to Keep in mind When Applying for 5 Million Loans

In order to apply for a 5 million dollar loan refusal by a venture capital lender, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Don’t make the mistake of filling in your personal data

First of all, don’t be mistaken when filling out your personal data as your personal data will eventually match your ID. So make sure you fill in your full name, date of birth, home address, and more. Please check again so that you do not make any mistakes!

  • Make sure the requirements document provided is legible

In addition to the personal data that you need to re-check, the documents you provide will also need to be checked again when they will be provided to the provider. Usually, we are not careful and provide documents in the form of photocopies or scans that are unclear or obscure. Obvious documents will not be read by the provider so your submission can be rejected immediately.

  • Provide a phone number that you can always call

The latter is often overlooked. When applying for a 5 million fast loan, there will definitely be a phone number you give to the lender. But what if the phone number you provided can’t be reached? The purpose of the lender is to contact you to confirm the data and to request the completion of the document if any is lacking. So, if you can’t get in touch, how will they verify the data?

Always pay the installments on time and don’t delay

Always pay the installments on time and don

When you decide to lend 5 million fast, that means you have to be prepared and support yourself to pay the monthly installment. Therefore, in order for the installment to be paid on time and you are not making any installment payments, take the nominal installment you can afford. To find out, do the calculations first.

Let’s say you borrow $ 5 million and the funds you can set aside each month are $ 500, so don’t take a 10-month installment because you have to pay interest on it. So the installment payable will definitely exceed $ 500 for interest. To be safe, take an installment of between 12 and 15 months so you can pay the installments on time until you pay off.

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Compare and calculate the building loan and choose the cheapest. Mon, 13 Apr 2020 10:10:55 +0000

Compare a building loan and realize your dream of owning a home: only with the right building loan offer can you buy a house. Important when comparing building loans:

  • How much is the loan?
  • What is the monthly rate to the bank?
  • How much is the repayment?

The construction loan amount and the repayment determine the monthly installments that have to be paid back to the bank. In order to get the desired construction loan amount, a construction loan comparison with a suitable offer can be quickly calculated here.

Building loan: The money from the bank for your own home

Building loan: The money from the bank for your own home

Get a quick overview of current building loan interest with the building loan comparison: In case of doubt, the interest rate development of the banks can mean a difference of several thousand euros in the repayment and thus the monthly installment. Push the monthly rate for the building loan down as far as possible with a building loan calculator that looks for the cheapest offer from the various building loan providers for you.

Current interest rate development for the building loan

Current interest rate development for the building loan

The mortgage rates of the banks and building societies are based on the current yield on mortgage Pfandbriefe based on remaining terms. The current building loan rates are published daily by the Cream Bank (5). We offer you the latest building loan interest in our interest window, directly under the building loan calculator.

A building loan is a construction loan for buying or building a house. This is granted to the borrower by a bank, building society or insurance company. The peculiarity of this type of loan is that the loan is earmarked like a home loan.

It can therefore only be used for the following projects:

  • Construction of a property
  • Buying a property
  • modification
  • modernization
  • Renovation
  • A building loan is repaid by the borrower in the form of monthly installments. Since most construction loans are annuity loans, the interest on the construction loan always remains the same during the agreed borrowing period.

The rent only plays a role in the construction loan calculation as long as it is to be borne as a double charge.

  • monthly income – monthly expenses = free budget

When calculating the building loan, please note that your budget is based on real values ​​and that there are enough financial reserves. In addition to the daily expenses to be calculated, it should also be taken into account that regular repairs and renovations are required for a house. A house also needs to be maintained and minor repairs should be possible without a new building loan.

Calculate the house purchase additional costs for the building loan

Calculate the house purchase additional costs for the building loan

A building loan is intended for the construction of a property. Loan amount as well as repayment and monthly installments are precisely coordinated with the bank. The borrower must clarify with the lending bank whether the construction loan may also be used for modernization or renovation work. You can agree to these uses. The second step is to determine how high the building loan must be. In addition to the pure purchase price of the property, the house purchase ancillary costs play an important role in the calculation of the construction loan.

Examples of purchase or ancillary costs:

Incidental purchase costs Ancillary construction costs
Real estate transfer tax (1) architect
Land register entry (2) renovation
Notary fees (3) Energetic renovation
Brokerage brokerage Assessment
  • Construction loan amount = purchase price (construction price) plus the house purchase costs (house construction costs) minus equity and own contribution
  • The incidental purchase costs can amount to approx. 15% of the purchase price. For a quick calculation, multiply the chewing rice by 1.15. Or please use our online calculator.
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Instant credit with no upfront costs Sun, 12 Apr 2020 10:46:37 +0000

Anyone who decides on a loan wants it to be available as quickly as possible. After all, one associates these credit desires and perhaps also obligations that should be fulfilled quickly or put into practice. That is why many people always look for an instant loan when looking for a loan.

This already suggests with his name that the loan is not only quickly accepted by the banks, but is also processed quickly. According to advertising statements, the money from such a loan can be available within a few minutes. However, this only happens if you choose the right loan, if all the requirements can be met, and if the loan amount is within a reasonable range.

It is also important for many consumers that there are no upfront costs for the loan. Many have been put off by stories and tales that have told them that credit brokers or financial advisors take a prepayment to get a loan before you take action. Since this is hardly desired by anyone, it is important that you choose your credit partner very carefully.

Avoid credit brokers and financial advisors

Avoid credit brokers and financial advisors

You always get an instant loan with no upfront costs if you take care of your credit matters yourself and they do not fall into the hands of strangers. This means that no loan broker or financial adviser is used to apply for the loan. Rather, you should see for yourself where the loan can be taken out without any upfront costs. Appropriate options for this can be found in many places. Even if you find out about loan offers on the Internet, you will quickly notice that an instant loan is possible at any time without any upfront costs. Because there are many direct banks on the Internet that work without a branch and are therefore only accessible via the Internet or telephone.

All loan offers of the corresponding institute can be viewed on their website and, if necessary, can be concluded. With the help of a credit comparison, all information can be viewed in advance and so which of the offers is particularly worthwhile. However, you should not only pay attention to the normal interest rate, but always to the effective annual interest rate, which includes all costs and fees that may arise around a loan. So if you are looking for an instant loan with no upfront costs, then the one with the lowest APR is always the cheapest.

This is how borrowing works

This is how borrowing works

For an instant loan with no upfront costs, you need a good Credit Bureau and an income that is well above the garnishment-free allowance. If you can meet these requirements, taking out a loan will be easy. One only has to look at which type of loan is best suited and how high the loan amount should be. The amount of the loan depends on what expenses are to be incurred. If the money is needed for free disposal, a normal consumer credit is the best alternative.

However, if the money is intended for the purchase of a vehicle or if furniture or technical equipment is to be paid for with it, then a special loan can also be the better option. Especially when buying furniture and other personal things, you can quickly fulfill the credit request with a consumer good. The consumer credit is given directly by the retailers from whom you bought the relevant items. When buying a car, the car loan can either be taken out directly from the dealer, or directly from a bank that offers special car loans.

In addition, when choosing the right loan, you should always pay attention to the amount of the loan. And the instant loan without upfront costs can only be worked and approved by the bank immediately if the loan amount does not exceed USD 10,000. Only then is it still a small loan that has to go through fewer approval stages than higher loan amounts. If a larger loan is required, then you have to say goodbye to the instant loan without any upfront costs. Banks are very cautious when it comes to lending, so they look very closely at who they borrow and how much money. So if you want to go fast, you should limit yourself to a small loan and know exactly what you want and where you want it from. And then you can get the money you need from the banks within a few minutes.

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Is fast loans something for everyone? Loans need not mean being poor Sat, 04 Apr 2020 10:25:10 +0000

There are many questions about quick loans but may not often answer. One of the reasons is that many people who borrow money are ashamed and do not want to talk about it. So how do you get your thoughts on these disputed loans? Yes, you ask the LoanGeek.

“Using quick loans does not mean that you are poor and regular customer at the Social Office. In fact, there are people who appreciate the ease of the loan. Just having to print a few keystrokes on your computer or mobile phone and get money directly into the account, instead of phoning the bank, filling in long-running application forms and explaining their expenses and income. Receiving a paycheck, etc. can feel unnecessary as you only need to borrow a few sick crowns ”


Why is it really called fast loans?

The reason why it is called fast loans is contrary to what many people think is that you get money quickly. Of course, it is faster to get the money in the account than if you visit the bank, but the real reason why it is called fast loans is actually because the loan process itself is quick and easy. You can quickly fill out a loan application as no advanced information is required. You can quickly complete the application as it is signed with a Bank ID in one hand instead of a written agreement to be submitted. And in the end, it is also possible to quickly get the money to the account = fast loans


Is it true that I will be able to borrow money even though I have a payment note?

loan payment

Some lenders offer loan with a note of payment. Of course, this does not mean that the loan is only for the person who has payment remarks. It also does not mean that the applicant for a loan with a payment note is automatically granted.

Here’s how it is: Everyone is looking for quick loans according to the same criteria. A certain age limit or income may be required to be granted the loan. In addition to the basic requirements, many lenders say no to the one who meets the basic requirements but has a payment note. The reason for this is that the payment note is proof that you have sometimes missed paying an invoice, knowingly or due to financial imbalance. The lender does not want to be exposed to a risk which means that they will not have their money repaid in a timely manner, as this can expose them to a financial imbalance.

Since then, there are lenders who approve loan with payment note. But these must also meet the basic requirements. As an assurance that there is a risk that the loan will not be repaid on time, these lenders often charge a lower interest rate, or an extra fee. This should cover the financial loss that occurs if the loan payment is delayed or fails. A loan is always repaid in one way or another. Regardless of whether it ends up with the Debt Collection and the Chronicle, the debt does not “disappear” but remains and grows in interest expenses year after year, until the day the Chronicle finds an income or property to deduct to repay the debt.


How big is the interest rate for these quick loans at Yesrite Finance?

money loans

Interest costs vary widely. One lender can offer loans with up to 0% interest, but instead charge a fee and the other lender charges an effective interest rate of several thousand percent. It is important to check carefully before signing a loan agreement.


How many quick loans can you take?

quick loans can you take?

Of course, you should not take more quick loans than you can manage to repay, but in practice it is possible to have a loan from each lender as long as you meet the criteria for borrowing. But applying for 40 quick loans is not recommended. If you need so much money, it is better to apply for a private loan where the interest rate is lower and the loan amounts are up to half a million USD without collateral. But, as I said, it requires more of you and your financial history. As a result, many borrowers who have the “worse” position with many more lenders than you can manage, instead of taking a larger loan.

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Loan for entrepreneurial women. Tue, 31 Mar 2020 10:49:01 +0000

The Women’s Fund is a project prepared by the Ministry of Economy presented at the end of 2014. It is addressed to enterprising women who run their own business or are just starting it up. The call for applications will be launched in the first quarter of 2015, and the loan will be granted by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development.

Women’s loan – conditions for receipt


The Fund may be used by women who:

  • they run a business,

  • they set up a business,

  • they live on Polish territory

  • run / set up an enterprise in its area

However, despite meeting the above-mentioned conditions, in certain cases women cannot benefit from funding under the project, this happens when:

  • as part of the business, the woman sells products or services,

  • generates profits,

  • runs an enterprise in a civil law partnership.

In addition, the project organizer stipulates that the loan fund for women will be of a pilot nature, i.e. loans will be granted only for projects located in selected poviats. The list of these poviats will be included in the contest documentation.

Loan for enterprising women – amount, interest rate, repayment time

Loan for enterprising women - amount, interest rate, repayment time


The loan from the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development project is scheduled for 5 years. However, the funds must be used within one year (12 months) of receipt of the money. The loan may not exceed 95% of eligible expenditure and may not be less than USD 20,000 and may not exceed USD 40,000. The loan interest rate for women is fixed at 2% per annum. An enterprising woman will only be able to get a loan once during the project period.

The amount of the loan will be the difference between the discounted market value of interest that would be accrued for the loan granted and the discounted value of interest resulting from the interest rate applied by PARP and will be calculated in accordance with the state aid regulations.

A woman running or setting up her own business activity has the right to suspend the repayment of principal and interest. The grace period for the loan for women may not exceed one year from the date of termination of the loan undertaking. Interest is not capitalized during the grace period.

Loan for enterprising women – payout rules

Loan for enterprising women - payout rules

The women’s loan will be paid after the collateral has been established and lodged:

1) due performance by the borrower of obligations under the loan agreement in the form of a blank promissory note with a promissory note guarantee along with a promissory note declaration and

2) proper spending of the loan funds by submitting the borrower’s declaration in the form of a notarial deed of voluntary submission to enforcement.

In special cases, PARP may request security in the form of a bank guarantee, surety or mortgage along with the assignment of rights from the insurance policy of the property it is subject to.

Loan for enterprising women – the goal

Co-financing will concern expenses related to conducting business activities and expenses that will be incurred during its implementation of the Regulation of the Minister of Economy of November 18, 2014, indicates in particular expenses related to:

  1. covering the purchase price or production cost of fixed assets, excluding real estate,

  2. purchase of services, excluding consultancy services,

  3. purchase of intangible assets,

  4. adaptation of office, production, service or commercial facilities,

  5. purchase of materials and equipment,

  6. establishment or maintenance of a security on due performance of obligations under the loan agreement.

The loan may not be used to cover expenses related to the running costs of the entrepreneur and public liabilities.

PARP, when examining loan applications for women, will pay particular attention to the expected impact of the planned activities on the company’s development and the amount of the costs of the activities in relation to the expected results. Information about the start and results of the competition will be announced on the Internet, on the PARP website.

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